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Are you someone who has spent years and years aiming to think about the next big idea? And each time you do think about that big idea, you do a Google search and it appears that someone else has already acted prior to you?


Channel 10's latest series Shark Tank, is going to open the chance for you to sit and watch people present amazing concepts that procure investment. This just may leave you believing 'I might have done that'.


To be truthful, when you see the very best concepts on Shark Tank get funded, you shouldn't be shocked at the fact that they're something you could have developed yourself, due to the fact that we just need to take a look at recent history to see how easy it can be to think up an excellent concept.


Uber, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Airbnb, Twitter. They're unquestionably 6 of the most effective start-ups of the past decade that have actually changed the lives of billions of individuals. However which of these 6 business had a company model that was truly distinct and like nothing before them? Uber, Facebook, Whatsapp & Airbnb were all developed as better variations of existing business designs, whilst Instagram & Twitter carved out a specific niche and concentrated on a specific section of a company design that was currently in existence.


So when you're attempting to think about your next big idea, stop aiming to reinvent the wheel. Look at existing business designs & identify issues, then drill down on these issues and try to find solutions. If you can find a commercially attractive option to an issue, then you might just have yourself your next big idea and ought to reserve your spot on Shark Tank!


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